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By Josh Cruse

The new minor league baseball team in Columbia will be called the Columbia Fireflies. The announcement was made during a press conference at the Boys and Girls Club of the Midlands Tuesday, August 4.

The name Fireflies was chosen from 2,319 suggestions as part of the contest to name the new team.

While not the most popular suggestion, according to Hardball Capital CEO Jason Freier, fireflies met all three criteria he was looking for in a new team name—local, unique, and fun.

The inspiration of the firefly came from the species Photuris frontalis that inhabit the Congaree National Park.

Freier says the Photuris frontalis represent unity which he saw as a good theme for the environment he is trying to establish with the new team.

The most popular suggestions were Heat, Wrens, Capitals, and Bulls.

John Katz, team president, said the team colors are midnight blue, neon green yellow, and silver. The blue represents the South Carolina night sky; the neon green yellow, the glow of fireflies; and the silver highlights the firefly’s wings. In the background are the Palmetto Tree and the Crescent

Moon, both depicted in the South Carolina state flag.

The logo on the baseball hat represents a firefly in flight, the flaming tail, the city’s motto, Famously Hot.

Other logos include a mason jar.

At home, the team’s uniform will display fireflies on the front in silver. On the road, Columbia will be displayed.

The official uniform will be shown at a future time.

Updates about the Columbia Fireflies can be found on Twitter at @Colafireflies, on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, or Youtube.

The construction of the stadium is on time and on budget, according to Mayor Steve Benjamin,

Opening day for the Columbia Fireflies at Spirit Communications Park is slated for Thursday, April 14, 2016.

Children who attend the Boys and Girls Club were also in attendance for the announcement. Benjamin said, he chose to make the announcement at the Boys and Girls Club as a symbolic measure the baseball team is an investment in the future of Columbia just like the city is investing in children.

More team information and merchandise can be found at www.Columbia

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